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Bed Sale and offers

Discountbedshop  never think of business, we always think about your comfort. Magnificent Divan bed sale is active at www.Discountbedshop .co.uk. So you can save money upto 70%. We offer you best cheap divan beds in UK with attractive prices and designs . We compromise with customers but not with Quality.We give complete updates on daily bases on our social media commercial pages about attractive sales and deals. You must join our social media pages so you can get best Discountbedshop  items on discount prices within valid time.Bed Sale and offers – beds for sale in ukChoose a Single Divan Bed or Double Divan bed with storage drawers and enjoy extra storage space for bedding and pillows.Many people still choosing them over more modern bed frames. Compared with standard bed bases. Divan Beds offer a wide variety of extra features and are great value for money.At Discountbedshop , we also have other beds collection including sleigh bedsleather bedsmetal beds & wooden bed frames.We offer all sizes of cheap divan beds in UK including 3ft single beds, 4ft small double beds, 4ft6 double divan beds , 5ft king size beds, 6ft super king size beds.

Beds and Mattresses Information

Are you questioning what is a Divan bed? Divan beds are not to all people’s style, you either love them or you hate them however they do have enduring repute. So what has sustained demand through the years and why will have to you spend money on one? Right here that you can read the entire divan mattress know-how.

Beds with different sizes and extra storage drawers:

Discountbedshop  beds collection including sleigh beds, leather beds, metal beds and wooden bed frames. Discount bed shop  is offering “Free Delivery“, “Free Replacement“, and “Free Return” with the 30 days of 100% money refund policy on return. We offer all sizes of divan beds including 3ft single divan bed, 4ft small double divans bed, 4ft6 double divan beds , 5ft king size divan beds , 6ft super king size. Pick our cheap divan bed in uk with wide storage drawers and space for bedding  and cushions.

Best comfy mattresses:

While Discountbedshop  offers you bed frames merely and bed frames with mattresses.It’s up to you what you want.We are providing best coil spring , foamy, and ideal manufactured mattresses for people who suffer from back pain. Mattresses are such designed that we can put bed sheets on them very easily. If you are willing to choose best beds with wide variety of luxurious mattresses feel free to contact us regarding Discountbedshop  products.Divan Beds tend to be firmer than other bed typescheap divan bed uk includes a platform prime this means that you get some further padding underneath. So in case you pick a corporation mattress under you, then a divan could be the superb alternative.

Divan Beds With Extra Storage Drawers
storage bed - drawers option - storage option - drawers under bed base
If you are facing room space issues just let us know because we are providing you facility of beds with extra storage drawers in which you can put your messy stuff and what you want. Our expert craftsmen give shape the beds no person can distinguish drawers inside bed. We always care about customer’s comfort.The storage options available in our Storage beds are:
  • 2 Drawers Same Side (Left/Right) [ 3ft base have only 2 Drawers ]
  • 4 Drawers – 2 Drawers Each Side (Left/Right)
  • 1 Drawer Foot-end
Divan Beds are Easy to Assemble

You can assemble Divan bed by following these steps

  1. Gather your tools
  2. Remove all of the packaging carefully
  3. Turn your Divan bed base upside-down
  4. Push your bed bases together

          –If your divan bed is in two sections or more, push them together, straighten them.Connect the sections with a joining clip and tighten your bolts .

  1. Attach your headboard to your divan bed base

Enjoy best sleeps with best divan beds with comfy divan mattresses.

Are our Beds and Mattresses are expensive?

We don’t compromise with quality. Our expert craftsmen are using solid timber wood for divan bed frames and we have mattresses of best quality. You can find cheapest rates at Discountbedshop . Discountbedshop  is offering “Free Delivery“, “Free Replacement“, and “Free Return” with the 30 days of 100% money refund policy on return. We offer a wide range of divan bed and mattress sets to suit your budget. All of our beds and mattresses are much cheaper then our competitors in the market. We assure you about our quality and comfort in low prices.

How can you reach us?

For any help feel free to contact us

Cellphone :+44 7402 841748

Business Address: Westbury House, Westbury Street, Wolverhampton, England, WV1 1JD

Warehouse Address: Unit, 2B, Dale St, Wolverhampton, Bilston WV14 7JY

Email : info@Discountbedshop .co.uk

Mattresses At Discountbedshop

If you Looking for Cheap beds in UK then visits our products.

divan beds mattressWe have Different Types of comfortable mattresses. Choose your type of mattress on discounted price:

  • Orthopaedic: The excellent in sleep support: an orthopaedic mattress and divan bed is ideal when you’re looking for extra help on your again.
  • Pocket spring: A pocket sprung mattress and divan bed presents a premium, tailored the aid that works in harmony together with your actions during the night, without a “roll-off” or “roll-together”.
  • Memory foam: A memory foam mattress and divan mattress is a pleasant option should you’re watching for personalized alleviation and alleviation from aches and pains.
  • Latex: Due to its remarkably elastic structure, latex presents aid the place you need it and distributes body weight evenly to slash pressure points. Our variety of latex mattresses and divan base help furnish a remedy for aches and pains and a comfy night’s sleep.
  • Pillow Top Mattress: Pillow top mattresses are the latest craze in bed industry offering cloud-like sleeping experiences. The pillowtop is stitched directly to the top of the support creating a two-tier mattress. This is usually a super soft layer to give that immediate sink feeling to the mattress.


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